iOS Emulator Guide 2019

When you want to install applications to your mobile phone you can either go to the Appstore or Playstore. However there are other methods of downloading apps. Specially for iPhones or iPads there are iOS emulators which help you to install any third-party application which you cannot find in original Appstore. Best thing about downloading apps using iOSEmus is you can download any modded version of a specific app you are looking for for free and install without any trouble.


Few of top apps available in iOSEmus store

Whether you love you love listing to music or like enjoying free time by watching movies or playing games, iOSEmus is the one home where you can find all this fun. If love listening to music you can get apps like Pandora One Apk easily from this great ios app store.

If you are a anime fan who would like watching anime series all day you can download anime watching apps. Not only 1 app, there are number of anime apps to choose from.

Love watching TV series or Movies? You can easily download Bobby Movie app or Movie Box app for free and enjoy movies with a touch of your finger tip. Likewise you can also download famous gaming apps for free using this iOSEmus emulator.

Best features of iOSEmus App

Top of all it will be a shame if I didn’t mention that you need zero jail breaking to install this app on your iOS device. Yes right without any jailbreaking you can install this app totally free. So that’s a top feature of the app.  Following are some other great features of the app.

  • 100% free to download
  • No more jailbreaking
  • Light weight app does not slow down your page
  • Easy to download and install
  • In-built memory cleaner
  • Number of apps available to download

Steps to download the application for your iPhone

There are few things keep in memory when you want to download this application to your mobile. You should have a non dropping internet connection to your mobile. Then head to safari browser and follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to iOSEmus official website
  2. Click on download tab
  3. Scroll to down of download page
  4. Click on download button and wait for download
  5. Click install and enjoy

Best thing about this app is, it helps to bobby movie download for free also to your mobile device.

Using this method you can download iosemus application to your device with out no effort at all and for 100% free. If you got any issues when downloading or installing the app please contact us and we can help!

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